Tips to Increase Your Sites Page Rank/Authority By Implementing PHP RSS Reader

Increasing the page rank or page authority of your site is of great importance.

As a webmaster, it’s your job to ensure your site generates traffic from search engines and a large part of the traffic you’ll receive comes down to how authoritative your site is perceived to be and that perception comes mainly from backlinks.

PHP RSS Reader is in fact a great tool to help you increase the backlinks pointing to your site from credible sources.

TIP 1 – Ask news publishers for a link in exchange for their news to appear on your site

This is one of the most simplest but most powerful ways of using PHP RSS Reader to increase your sites authority within the search engines.

It’s simple, once your site is setup and established properly, start asking relevant news publishers if they’d like their news to start appearing on your site. Explain to the publisher the benefits of being listed on your site:

  • They’ll get extra traffic to each of their articles
  • They’ll get extra links to their articles

In return, you just ask for a link on their homepage, something a long the lines of “As seen on… (your site’s name)”.

A site that already carries out a strategy similar to this is NewsNow.

News publishers which are not greatly authoritative themselves, have to put an “as seen on NewsNow” badge on their site to be considered for listing.

TIP 2 – Submit your generated RSS feeds to RSS directories

PHP RSS Reader automatically creates RSS feeds for each category. You can utilize these RSS feeds by submitting them to RSS feed directories.

RSS feed directories will crawl each new article submitted to your site, generating an internal link deep in your site to each page.

Some example RSS directories are given below:

If you’re interested in getting a PHP RSS Reader for your website and increasing your sites authority, then why not try the free version by clicking here, or even purchase the full version, by clicking here.

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