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Vine Resume May Be the World’s First

Since it was introduced last month, Twitter's Vine has been used for advertising, breaking news and, of course, porn. But an aspiring journalist has found another: Resume.

h/t & love to dear friends @meghanscibona @monkeyprime @smixel for helping w/ my #TwitterResume vine.co/v/b6wxtwrwP7P #HireDawnSiff— Dawn Siff (@dawnsiff) February 20, 2013

Dawn Siff's 6-second Vine resume may be the world's first. Of course, in that time frame, she doesn't get much across. The entire text: "Idea machine Dawn Siff. Journalist. Strategist. Manager. Deadline Jedi." But Siff, who has 15 years experience at such places...


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Published By: Mashable - Thursday, 21 February, 2013

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